Fuck me



character development

corbin bleu’s hair got less and less excited as the years went on

@JillVonD HANGONG@s nZAC EFRON dksknabahdd” [x]

Coming to a small screen near you soon! The guys are filming a few more @NeighborsMovie shenanigans with the @funnyordie crew. #FODxFB #sxsw (x)

Zac Efron Filmography 2014-2010


I knew there was a reason I got out of bed this morning


u either

  • had a crush on zac efron at some point
  • still have a crush on zac efron whether it’s strong or subtle
  • are in denial about ever having a crush on zac efron

those are it those are the three states of matter when it comes to zac efron